AHCC Canine Lymphoma Cancer Supplement

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Kinoko Gold AHCCAHCC – A Proven Lymphoma Supplement

I’ve learned you have to fight the war on canine lymphoma with multiple weapons and strategies. First, build up the immune system. Secondly, use cancer supplements like AHCC to kill aggressive lymphoma cancer cells.

I added the AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) to Casey’s routine because this dietary supplement is said to:

  • support healthy liver function,
  • act as an antioxidant,
  • significantly increase Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.
  • be compatible with my current treatment of choice – Protocel.

 What exactly is this AHCC cancer supplement?

AHCC is a “proprietary blend of specially cultivated mushroom mycelia extract supplement” that provides immune support for both humans and dogs. These hybrid mushrooms are what’s called a nutraceutical. I added AHCC to Casey’s lymphoma cancer treatment arsenal last month to help boost his immune system. I just open the capsules and sprinkle the powder on his food at breakfast and dinner and he loves it. I know other people give their dogs the capsules disguised with coconut oil, cream cheese, or peanut butter. Luckily Casey still loves to eat, so I don’t have that problem.

In his book Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer: A Step by Step Guide, Dr. Eisen reports that in Japan, AHCC is considered a main-stream cancer treatment. Used in over 800 hospitals, AHCC has a pretty impressive set of credentials. AHCC

  • Has been effective in 60% of cancer patients
  • Reduces tumor size often shrinking them completely
  • Can inhibit metastasis and recurrence of cancer
  • Increases patient’s survival periods
  • Improves patient’s conditions with no side effects
  • Mitigates or eliminates the side effects of chemotherapy
  • Restores NK cell activity suppressed by chemotherapy

Dr. Eisen used AHCC in treating his own dog Fergie who also had lymphoma. I wish I had known about this supplement when Casey was first diagnosed.

If chemotherapy is not a treatment option for you and you have chosen to treat your dog’s lymphoma holistically like I have, we have to be realistic. Lymphoma in dogs is a very aggressive cancer. You cannot get rid of it with a healthy diet alone. We have to be aggressive in fighting cancer in our dogs.

I always shop for the best price before I buy. Often, I find that Amazon has the most competitive pricing. Amazon carries the well known Kinoko Gold, Source Naturals, and NOW brands of AHCC. Click here to check out the various brands, pricing, and information.

AHCC Canine Lymphoma Supplement Summary:

  1. AHCC is especially beneficial for canine lymphoma because it activates the immune system to fight the cancer on its own.
  2. AHCC supports healthy “Natural Killer” (also known as NK) cell function for canine lymphoma cancer.
  3. Sold as a “dietary supplement” for immune support, AHCC has also been shown to possess antioxidant properties which supports healthy liver function.

Places to Purchase: Amazon

AHCC Resources:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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2 Responses to “AHCC Canine Lymphoma Cancer Supplement”

  1. Rick Mahr says:

    Thank you for your story and God Bless you! My wife and I have had several dogs, mostly Labrador retrievers and never once had to deal with cancer. Within the last few weeks our 5 year yellow lab was diagnosis with Lymphoma, medium cell. I did exactly what you did, research this dreaded killer ASAP. Today, we have our second vet consultation to discuss the biopsy and plan to take. We automatically ruled out chemo because it was going to take 18-22 treatment every 3 days. With my health not being what it should be and travel distance we made the decision on what it would do to Roscoe as in what the chemo would do. We also decided that we could not put him down since he was still wagging his tail. We would wait until he stops eating and drinking, but we kinda hope he goes on his terms. I really believe he knows he is sick and when he licks my hand, I take that as “help me” but I can only do so much!I will close now but wanted to thank you for all of your work. Please if you have any suggestions at all please get back to me. I also want to thank you for this every ending comment section, since sooo many cut you off! Keep in touch-Rick and Carla

  2. Best wishes to Roscoe. He is lucky to have such caring parents.

    I believe if I had it all to do again, I would follow Dr. Eisen’s advice. When you buy his book, you get access to his online forum. He posts answers several times a week. Although he isn’t a vet, he had the successful experience of prolonging his dog’s life for 2 years.

    Casey was having fun living life, going on walks, swimming, and eating good until the very day he left us. I’m glad we had the extra time to share in his life. He was our really special heart dog.


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